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"You can lose all those extra pounds without diet or exercise. Thousands of people have done it! Learn the secrets of The Don't Diet Or Exercise System and lose all the weight you want without dieting or execising... Guaranteed!"

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Diet guru David M. Masters developed The Don't Diet Or Exercise System, after running a support group for, "Serial Dieters," (dieters who try diet after diet in an effort to maintain a healthy weight) a ten-year project that led to uncovering a system that would free serial dieters from the never-ending yo-yo dieting cycle of self-abuse.

If you're like us and have tried every diet under the sun in an effort to achieve a healthy weight, then you, too, can set youself free by embracing the Don't Diet Or Exercise System.

It doesn't matter whether you have to lose 10 pounds, or 100 pounds, or more... This system can get you from here to there, without denying yourself the foods that you love, or denying yourself the ability to meet and eat with friends at your favorite restaurants, or fast food chains.


Certainly there are the health benefits of maintaiing a healthy weight, but there are other issues that also come into play. The author, who has struggled with obesity for a lifetime, knows how maintainig a healthy weight influences nearly every phase of one's life on this planet.

As much as we would like to deny it, when we are thin, we attract friends and potential mates that are more attractive and successful. Weight also affects our income-earning potential, and how effective our rlationships are with other people. When you're overweigt, you have to work harder at your job, and at maintaining your high-quality relationships, than thin people.

If you desire an attractive and faithful mate, or a good-paying job, it helps to maintain a healthy weight. As sad as that sounds, it's true, and this probably doesn't resonate with you, unless you are (or have been) obese.

Most people are in denial when it comes to how people treat other people who may be overweight. Not that fat people have no friends... Thin people actually use their fat friends to become more successful. If you want to attract an attractive potential mate, then bring along your overweight friend. This makes the normal weight person look like a movie star in comparison!

It's a simple fact of life that obese individuals are used to make normal-weight people appear more desireable, whether it's in the dating arena, or in the job market.

Overweight individuals are forced to, "make up," for their weight issues by working harder, volunteering more, acting more jovial, and being a true self-less friend, teetering on the verge of martyrdom in an effort to earn the respect of their lesser-weight peers.

This leads to depression, and helps to fuel one's desire to maintain a healthy weight all the more, promoting serial dieting, going from one diet to another, and another, in vain.

I've tried every diet and weight loss pill that I could get my hands on, with little or no sustained success. I knew I had some weight to lose, when I'd get winded taking the stairs at 250 pounds. Now, I'm a healthy, 148 pounds and stairs are no longer something that I would think twice about. The romance is back in my life and intamacy is a loving and enthusiastic endeaver. I love this system for bringing love back into my life.
Carla Shaw, Brooklyn, NY

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We all know that, in general, diets do not work. Although, they may work in the short-term, the weight comes back easily and we are faced with having to find, yet, another diet to lose the weight once again. Until now...

This is what makes The Don't Diet Or Exercise System the most significant program to hit the diet/weight loss market, ever.

Less than 1% of all dieters achieves their weight loss goals and maintains their weight over an extended period of time. However, every diet program or system has its own statistics, its creators claiming theirs is the best deal in town. These statistics are achieved in deceitful ways; usually by using individuals supervised by doctors or statisticians who clinically review statistics of weight-losing people, as well as mice or other lab animals, under the strictest of pre-set conditions.

Many diets restrict certain foods, leaving your body craving what it is being denied, setting you up for failure from the start.

Some people experience better results with one diet over another. This is not due to any diet system being the best; it merely demonstrates just how different each of our own body systems are.

Many scientific persuasions attempt to categorize successful weight loss and maintenance via body types, blood types, measurements, personalities, even by your Zodiac sign (that's right, by horoscope). No matter the criteria used, time and again the results only prove true for about 1% of the populace.

The fact is, diets are counter-productive. They cause our bodies to cannibalize lean muscle mass. They rob our physiology of the energy that it needs to perform optimally and burn fat effectively. Worst of all, diets make what you do eat, even more fattening!

It is time for you to take a stand and stop dieting and start achieving weight loss and maintaining your weight goals through a lifestyle that you can live with!


Dieting is one of the worst things you can do to your body. You say, "Wait-a-minute, the movie stars do it." Yes, it's true. They do. But should they? The folks who cast for motion pictures and magazine covers should be charged with an illegal act. I'm just barely joking. It should be a crime to parade anorexic-looking bags of skin and bones around in the media, with the intent of expecting us normal folk to believe that this sets the standard for beauty.

This is not to say that being slender, or fit and trim, is not beautiful. But if the facts were known, you would find that many of these pathetic individuals go on diets that represent little more than total starvation prior to filming or photo shoots.

In between projects, you will see them quite normal looking, sporting a few extra pounds often dressing to cover up the specifics.

Dieting is only effective in achieving short-term weight loss. The longer you diet, the more your health degenerates. That's why models, etc., don't do it all the time. If they don't ruin their health completely, hopefully, these misguided souls may not be around long enough to enjoy a full life.

Not all actresses or models can afford the high-tech means of achieving the necessary weight loss required prior to their next project, so they go on crash diets that they get from others in their business, like eating little more than lettuce leaves and dill pickles and drinking bottled water. A diet like that is a disaster to health, to say the least.

Movie star dieting ranges from starvation, to weight loss drugs, to a stay in a high-priced private fat farm. In other words, "fast", get high, and/or hire a personal trainer who works you like a dog, and a chef who serves up low-calorie meals with little or no nutritional value. Can you live like that? Yes, but not for long.

Other Hollywood weight loss vices include both prescription and non-prescription drugs that cannibalize lean muscle mass to achieve weight loss.

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Whenever you mention that you're overweight or that you would like to shed some extra pounds that you've been carrying around, the usual answer is simple: Diet and Exercise.

Have you ever noticed that even diet drugs, promoted like the dickens via vast media campaigns, all say something like, "With our product and diet and exercise, you can lose weight…"

Is it just me who sits back and laughs, so as to say, "If I'm going to diet and exercise, then what's the point of buying your product?"

We all know that we can lose weight by adjusting our diet (what we eat) and exercise (that some of us find hard to do).

This system is the culmination of the efforts of thousands of people who have struggled with their varying weight issues over a period of ten years, resulting in a system that works and eliminates the need to seek out additional diets. Stop dieting, and start living via The Don't Diet Or Exercise System.


  • This is not a system designed by Doctors in some laboratory.
  • It is not founded on ancillary (or borrowed) scientific research.
  • It is not touted by some, "expert," who has never had an issue with their weight.
  • It is not based on a never-say-die, militaristic mindset.
  • It is not a strict set of guidelines, that must be ahdered to, "or else."
  • It is not a system that denies you of any of the foods that you love.
  • It is not an extensive list of "Do this," and, "Don't do that."
  • Is not centered around some mythical, "magic potion."
  • It does not require you to stay-at-home.
  • Does not prevent your from eating out at your favorite restaurants.
  • Does not promote the avoidance of enjoying fast food.
  • Does not require extensive exercise routines in order to be effective.


  • It is a system that was designed by people - just like you - who have struggled with their weight issues throught their life
  • Is based not on science, but what actually works on people who struggle with their weight
  • Is made availabe to the public by the host of the support system that helped so many free themselves from the diet-cycle-of-abuse
  • Is a customizeable system, that can be tailored to suit the needs of individuals who struggle with different issues
  • It is a no-fail system, promoting learning and re-evaluation of specific results
  • It encourages you to enjoy the foods that you love
  • It is flexible and adaptable to any circumstance
  • Demystifies the magic potion myth(s)
  • It encourages you to go out with your friends while being in control
  • Encourages you to eat out at your favorite restaurants
  • Empowers you to eat fast food, and junk food
  • Promotes the avoidance of vigorous exercise

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Stop Exercising!

Truth be known, when it comes to losing weight and keeping it off via rigorous exercise regimen just doesn't work for the majority of people, including me. In the short-term, you might be able to engage in a physical fitness program and lose a few pounds for a few months. But as I always have, I will eventually get bored, wean off or forego the exercise. And then I'll be right where I was when I started: watching the pounds come marching back with a vengeance from Fattsville!

Back in the late seventies and early eighties there was an exercise boom that created a vast industry of high fashion running shoes, spandex workout clothing lines, aerobic and cardio workout machines and gadgets. I dodged the boom, except for a brief bodybuilding phase that I went through in the early eighties.

Otherwise, I was quite content avoiding the pressure from my peers, to spend my time running, jumping, exercising and gyrating in an effort to be lean and healthy. Looking back over thirty years of health conscious exercise, the results aren't at all what they were cracked up to be.

Disadvantages of Exercise!

What is the advantage I have over my actively exercising peers? Sure, I admire my running, pumping, sweating friends. But at the same time they admire the fact that I have fewer injuries to my knees, shoulders, hips, back, shin splints and feet, with some of those problems requiring surgeries and/or causing permanent damage.

The Don't Diet Or Exercise System will give you overall better health, and far fewer doctor bills than your exercising buddies.

Exercise makes demands on the body that can take a heavy toll. People who adopt exercise as a method of maintaining weight loss oftentimes discover they must keep increasing their routines in order to make up for the body's ability to adapt and change with age. They may be left with good-looking, but sport fragile and worn-out bodies. The results of over-eating AND over-exercise can be disastrous.

What's the number one item you see in many yard sales? That's right, exercise equipment. And you know why. Because most folks are just like you and me - we have good intentions, even pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for the magic equipment - but in the end, all the equipment in the world isn't going to help you lose weight or stay in shape, if you don't use it.

So don't feel bad about placing that little-used machine or gadget in your next yard/garage sale. Let some other sap place their false hopes in that piece of equipment… you never know... the person who gets it from you might actually use it.

And don't feel guilty because you can lose weight without all that fancy, expensive or ridiculous exercise equipment.

So, stop exercising, and start losing weight with something that really works; something you can live with for the rest of your natural, healthier life.

Due to my being obese, the Doctor told me that I needed knee surgery. I was in denial and embarrassed to ask for help. David and Shelley were so supportive, and I just knew that I couldn't do it with diet and exercise. Thanks to the system, I've lost 65 pounds and no longer need surgery. Because my body is more in balance now, my knees have regenerated, so now I have new knees!
Patricia Peterson, Jacinto City, TX

Eat Anything You Want!

Did you know that you can eat anything you want - and lose weight? That's right. You can eat any of your favorite foods and watch the numbers go down, and down, and down... until the sexy, svelte you that you either once were, or always knew you could be, comes shining through.

Forget what you've heard before about diets that are restrictive and don't allow you to eat foods that are dear to you. The Don't Diet Or Exercise System is a weight loss system that frees you from the bondage that is imposed by diets. Plus, if you don't already know it by now, diets just do not work.


That's right. Anything that you love to eat - right now - you can eat on this system and you will lose weight. Don't come to the table with your preconcieved notions that you can eat this - and not eat that. It's true, you can eat anything you want and continue to lose weight until you have achieved your weight loss goals.

Ever been haunted by being invited out to a restaurant with friends, but having to decline because you knew exactly where you would wear every once of restaurant food on your body? Never again. Remember the wedding that you went to, and you were afraid to touch the wedding cake? Next time, enjoy the wedding cake.

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Imagine a life free of the driving force behind your overeating. You're no longer being controlled by outside environments or external forces. Some people struggle with demons within that encourage us to reach for food for comfort or self-medication, instead of nutrition.

It all begins with a simple understanding of the roots of your cravings that at times can be difficult to control. Sometimes we are helpless to avoid the stresses and pressures to eat more than we might otherwise eat.

That's just one of the beauties of The Don't Diet Or Exercise System, this is not a diet. Diets are restrictive and limit what you can eat. This system is totally customizable to you, the foods that you love and enjoy, as well as achieving your own weight loss goals.

Are you talking about psychiatry?

No. We're just educating you to look around you, and inside you, to determine not what makes you tick, but what makes you eat. Eating in itself is not bad. In fact, it's essential. It is how we fuel our bodies and feed our cells with the required nutrients - not only to live - but to live life to its fullest.

Losing weight eating your favorite foods is easy, once you know the secrets...

These and many more secrets will be revealed in The Don't Diet Or Exercise System, so get yours today and demystify the weight losing process.


Weight losers on The Don't Diet Or Exercise System are encouraged to eat anything they want, as we learn to think as a thin person thinks.

Naturally thin people don't chart out every morsel of food that they eat. They simply eat what they want when they are hungry and stop eating when they when their hunger is satisfied. Learn what goes on in the brain of a naturally thin person and emulate that thought process.

For whatever reason, we've lost the ability to know when we've had enough to eat.

The key is in understanding how thin people think. And then, "acting," as if this is the way that you think. If you act as if you are a thin person, you'll not only start to think like a thin person, but you will realize that you, too, can be a thin person.

Thin people are not fearful when visiting the pissa parlor. They enjoy the pizza and are not tempted to eat the whole pizza pie.

The thin person enjoys eating whatever foods they crave, even Ben & Jerry's, cookies, doughnuts and cake, without worry.

Think like a thin person thinks - not like a fashion model thinks! I met a cover model for lunch. I went through the line stacking items on my tray. By the time we got to the end of the line, she had an apple and a bottle of water. That's it! (Not a good example to follow.)

Naturally thin people do not starve themselves. They eat regularly and sensibly. Starvation, or "crash" diets, are to be avoided.

Do thin people overeat? Yes, they do, occassionally. But when they overeat, they know how to compensate for it, and you will, too.

Naturally thin people are self-confident, have a positive outlook on life and its associated circumstances. They are emotionally sound, happy, enjoy life, have positive relationships with their family and peers.

You, too could begin thinking like a thin person by getting your copy of The Don't Diet Or Exercise System and start thinking as a naturally thin person thinks, enjoying the health and weight loss benefits of your becoming a thin person.

Buy The Chocolate Weight Loss Diet Now - Get Instant Access - 100% Guaranteed


Weight losers on The DON'T DIET OR EXERCISE System are encouraged to eat anything they want including fast food from their favorite fast food restaurants.

Ever since Jared lost 250 pounds by eating exclusively at Subway, we learned that all fast food is not neccesarily bad for us. Since then, we have seen other people lose weight via fast food, "diets." Chris Coleson lost 80 pounds eating nothing but McDonalds - though he chose to eat smartly, unlike Morgan Spurlock of Super Size Me fame, who ate every item on the menu.

Since you can lose weight eating anything that you want on The Don't Diet Or Exercise System, no menu item is off-limits, although some menu items make more sense than others, if your goal is to maintain a regular rate of healthy weight loss.

You've seen the weight loss articles featuring variations of The Fast Food Diet spattered throughout the magazine stands. The authors armed with fast food nutritional information simply group together the proper number of calories from the data that they have available.

Thanks to The Don't Diet Or Exercise System, you will be armed with the same information that the magazine authors use as you learn these techniques that will empower you to design your own weight loss system - that includes eating at your choice of fast food restaurants!

We've also included menu information from some fast food restaurants for you to use as inspiration, like, Arby's, Burger King, Carl's Jr., Dairy Queen, Kentucky Fried Chicken, McDonald's, Sonic, Subway, Taco bell, Wendy's and Wienerschnitzel.

The Don't Diet Or Exercise System is not a diet book. We are helping you to customize your lifestyle to something you can live with for the rest of your healthier, slimmer life.


Weight losers on The Don't Diet Or Exercise System are encouraged to eat anything they want, to include eating at your favorite restaurants.

When was the last time you were on a diet and were asked to meet friends at a restaurant for dinner? No more bowing-out, making excuses, or picking at a salad with a side of carrot sticks while your friends can't wait for you to leave so that they can make fun of you behind your back.

Restaurant menus are littered with meal selections that are swimming in sauces, gravies and toppings that are sure to undermine achieving your weight loss goals. So, it is important to take charge of your culinary lifestyle by first, learning how to determine which meals on the menu will not thwart your weight loss.

In fact, thanks to Don't-Diet-Or-Exercisers, restaurants are starting to offer healthy menu selections designed for those of us who may be watching our weight. We include some menu selections for you to use for inspiration from restaurants, like, Applebee's, Chili's, Denny's, Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Ruby Tuesday and TGI Fridays.

Regardless of whether the information is posted on the menu, or not, thanks to The Don't Diet Or Exercise System you will have instant access to nutritional information before you order.

Desserts are not forbidden while on The Don't Diet Or Exercise System. You can even enjoy after-meal desserts at your favorite restaurants. With all the tools that are available to you, you can make excellent decisions about how and what to partake of, and how much to eat.


Chances are, after embracing The Don't Diet Or Exercise System, you will find yourself with more opportunities to eat throughout the day because you will be eating five-to-seven times per day, encouraging snacking in-between meals.

In the book you will be excited to learn that you really can eat anything you want - but not without your new, svelte-brain engaged. You will start eating the junk food, or snack foods, more smartly now than you did before.

You will learn how to glance at the product label and determine how best to use the contents to stay on-track and achieve your weight loss results.

The beauty of The Don't Diet Or Exercise System, is that you customize the system to your body's requirements and your specific cravings. You are simply scheduling your snacking in a smart way, optimizing your fat-burning potential throughout the day.

We know that elimination diets often fail because you are denying yourself the food items that you crave. This sets you up for failure. That is one of the chief reasons that diets don't work.

Isn't it time to take control of your life - with your favorite junk food in tow - burning calories, losing weight, creating a more healthful and youthful you, increasing your quality of life and longevity? Maybe it's time that you picked up your own copy of The Don't Diet Or Exercise System today.

Six years ago I gained 40 pounds when I had my daughter. I've been carrying around this extra baggage, that weighs down my body and my spirit. I've lost 26 pounds and I can still enjoy the foods that I love. I can't believe it. Only 14 more pounds to go without diet or exercise! I feel six years younger!
Arnette Pinckney, Bearden, AR


Owners of The Don't Diet Or Exercise System are encouraged to take the 12 Week Weight Loss Challenge and watch the weight drop off over the next twelve weeks. It's free and just part of The Don't Diet Or Exercise System successful weight loss guarantee. This is the only weight loss system that will help you to lose the weight and keep it off. Nothing else compares.

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Our 100% 60-day risk-free money back guaranteeYou can be secure in your purchase, because we are. In fact, if you aren't losing significant weight, and if you don't agree that The Don't Diet Or Exercise System is the best diet, weight loss method and healthy maintenance system you've ever experienced, we'll refund your money.

That's our 100% money-back guarantee. Try it for the next sixty days, if you're not completely satisfied with the power and freedom enjoyed by embracing The Don't Diet Or Exercise System, we'll refund your money, no questions asked.

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